small business strategies



The City of Battle Creek Small Business Development Office has identified key strategies with various
associated tactics needed to create a support system that allows small business to thrive across the city.

Gaps in the Ecosystem

Several Entrepreneur Service Organizations (ESO) in the community including, Battle Creek Unlimited, MorningLight, and Northern Initiatives, have helped to accelerate the implementation of strategies and tactics allowing the city to focus its efforts in areas that play to the city’s strengths and address gaps in the small business ecosystem. The primary work of the Small Business Development team focuses on tactics associated with District Development, Technical Assistance, and Retention and Attraction. Through small business recruitment, retention and expansion, the city hopes to increase small business investment and create new jobs. In order to remain a fully-inclusive community and ensure success for all, a particular emphasis is placed on support for minority and women-owned business.


Array of services

Many of the tactics noted above evolved in response to community needs and readiness of entrepreneurs and small businesses to access available resources. The ESO Network works together to create a cohesive and comprehensive array of services to support entrepreneurs at all levels of growth. Surviving and navigating growth post-COVID-19 requires a collaborative team effort; one that Battle Creek ESO partners eagerly embrace to see the base of small businesses grow.

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