Financial Assistance can come in many forms, from technical assistance, to facade grants and small loans. We work with financial institutions, like banks, credit unions, and community development financial institutions to assist small businesses in their pursuit of financing. There are also State Agencies that offer assistance through small business programs. We will update this area as resources become available at the Local and State level.




Start or grow your business:

Wanting to invest your time and money in starting or growing your business? The Small Business Development team can assist you. We have a community of others who can help as well within Start Up Space. Empowering small businesses by enabling local communities. With Startup Space, you will get the next generation of community-building tools. Create meaningful connections, navigate local resources, measure impact and more.


Battle Creek is made up of 18 business districts. This profile will help you identify businesses within those districts. Districts are being updated as time permits.

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Our community continues to grow and foster a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. With the assistance of community stakeholders and economic development partners, we are working with small business owners to create an environment that will embrace entrepreneurs at each stage of their development. We think of businesses in three stages, Discovery, Launch, and Grow. As you build your business, or expand your business, we invite you to reach out to any of us to assist you in your journey. We will do our best to work collaboratively to meet your goals. You will find links to our organizations below.