Origami Sculpture Exhibit Voting

The Origami Sculptures have been installed!

This placemaking project celebrates the Japanese culture that exists in and around Battle Creek.

This type of exhibit helps to build a more livable community by enhancing culture and vitality and has provided a venue for showcasing local and regional talent.

We encourage you to visit Downtown Battle Creek, enjoy our Social District, and view the outdoor Origami Sculpture Exhibit then cast your vote for the sculpture you would like the City to retain.

If you are unable to make the trip in person, please view them virtually below.

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Wings To Fly

Mary Dey

I was inspired by the wings of the Greek mythical horse Pegasus when hearing of the origami art concept and since HOPE is one of my favorite words, I decided to combine wings and hope in making WINGS TO FLY!

We all need HOPE to have COURAGE to fly through this pandemic, ENDURANCE and FREEDOM to fly together, STRENGTH to fly in the face of wrong , POWERFUL spirituality to help others find their Wings To Fly!

Life throws you curves. I hope this gives you the COURAGE to charge on with ENDURANCE, CONFIDENCE, FREEDOM, POWER, INDEPENDENCE AND HOPE,

Unfold your WINGS TO FLY!

Might Might Spoon

Kyle Burnett

The Mighty Might spoon was inspired by the history of Battle Creek. While this city offers so much more then cereal, its important to remember the rich history of this industry that was a past economic powerhouse.

Kami no Kazuko

Gary Barton & Wayne Edmonds

This collaboration blends our skills nicely providing opportunities for us to experiment and learn new art processes. Our piece embodies learning at all stages of life and the strength of relationships between family and friends by shaping metal to emulate folded paper.

Jaywalker – Kyle Burnett

Jaywalker was inspired by the Ducks at Irving park. As someone who frequently drives past this park, I always find myself either stopping to let them cross the road or admiring them as I drive by. They are a part of this city that the residents can connect experiences with.

First Fold – Vicki VanAmeyden & Brian Rowden

“First Fold” represents the square shape and the first fold option when creating paper origami – mountain and valley. It suggests two ways of doing things that combine with a core structure to suggest new possibilities and relationships. The simplicity of this sculpture form honors both Eastern aesthetics and Western ideas associated with Minimalism.

Earth & Sky – Elisha Hodge

Elisha’s desire to be involved in her community and evolve to more 3 dimensional mediums has inspired her to create the Earth and Sky sculpture. The base of the sculpture is a lotus flower. It will represent self regeneration, the base to signify a foundation for change. The top of the sculpture will be finished with a butterfly. The butterfly will represent transformation and hope. Both of these symbols of nature are a reflection of Elisha’s journey through life and art.

The most beautiful blooms stem from the dirtiest roots. Spread love through flowers.

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